The Different Types Of Wigs Available For You In The Market

Cosplay Wigs

When you decide to use a wig to have more natural-looking hair, you proceed to look for the types of wigs and its colours available in the market. You might buy it from an online store or a showroom near your home. These hair products are available everywhere, so you don’t need to worry about having to choose from a few. But you must fully understand which type of wig will suit you most before buying one. So here are the types of costume wigs that are available for you to choose from.

Classified based on Different parameters

A wig has a covering cap with natural or synthetically made hair. The hairs are attached to the covering in various techniques which make them look or feel different. There are many ways in which wigs can be distinguished. The classification can be from the material of which these are made of, the method of making them or their shape. The shapes can range from bobs to layered cuts and many others. Latest trends are also being incorporated in designing the shape, with styles such as pixie cuts or a blunt cut. There can also be of a special collection of  Cosplay wigs as well which are designed to match a particular costume.

Wigs made of Synthetic Fibers Are the most popular

Synthetic wigs are the ones which are now the most popular. The material comprises of synthetic fibers such as acrylic. The wigs which are of a higher quality have the same appearance and feel like natural hair. They are available both in pre-styled form, or they can be styled by oneself. The only strict precaution that is needed for these wigs is to keep them away from extremely hot objects or even such an environment. These wigs can also be dyed to match the particular hair color. The drying of these wigs also happens faster.

Well-made Wigs made from natural hair are nice

Wigs made ofhuman hairare also available. There can also be wigs made of hair from buffalos or horses.  Some of them are made from fine wool also.  A wig made out of human hair can be the best from all wigs if it is well made. The ordinary wigs from natural hair often are made imperfectly. The tangling of hair from individual hairs has to be done efficiently to make them good wigs. The best wigs are built so that the hair strands match together. This makes all the hair shafts point toward the same direction.

Carefully Chosen Machine made Wigs Are good Choices

By the method of making these, wigs can be of the stock type. Such wigs are machine-made. These are produced on a large scale. The method involves sewing the fibers onto wefts and caps. Such stock wigs have the minimum cost and are found in any retail store. These wigs are sold in already cut and styled form. When you go on to buy such a wig, make sure that you examine the material. A stock wig made with a standard material is not a bad choice.

Semi-machine made Wigs Comprise of Mixed material

In such wigs, the material is of mixed nature. Some of the hair products constituting the wig are human hair, and the rest is synthetic. The method is also mixed, involving both machines and hand-tying. There is a weft cap with the sides having mesh net. They come in convenient forms as they can be styled according to the needs of different customers. Many people go for these wigs as they have a combination of human and synthetic hair and can be styled in their favorite fashion.

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Wigs that Are Custom Made

Totally custom made ones are also available. They are slightly more costly than other types as they are made according to an individual’s needs. But even so, many people are nowadays opting for these wigs as they are getting the one that is exactly correct for them. The hair products constituting the wig are both synthetic and human hairs. The strands of hair are tied by hand, and a stretchy and it involves the use of a fine variety of mesh. You can opt for such wigs if you want your wig designed exclusively, keeping in mind your needs.

Monofilament Wigs have the perfect Blend

The material which is referred here as monofilament, is a mixture of lace, mesh, and nylon. The material is very compatible with those who have sensitive skin. When you wear the wig, the material will take the color of your scalp. When you part your hair anywhere, they seem to be coming out of the natural follicles. This effect is due to the individual tying of each hair against a mesh blend. Thus these hair products are the most advanced form of wigs which offer the best replacement for your natural hair. Many Cosplay wigs are made of this material.

With lace front and those with full lace

Wigs may also differ in their look. One such type of wig is one with a lace front. There is lace only in the front in these kinds of wigs. The rest of the wig is nothing but a cap. Clips are attached to the cap to help the wig hold on to the head of a person. There are also wigs made by full lace. Those wigs possess strips made up of urethane, for sticking adhesives. Lace wigs help your hair to fall in a natural manner and give it a natural look.

Go ahead and Choose your Wig-type

Thus you now know all the choices of wigs available to you. You might be worried about your increasing hair fall problems. You are frustrated by applying different such hair products as hair oils and creams to facilitate growth. In this situation, it is best to make use of a wig. Know about all the available wig-types from here and opt for a suitable wig. It concerns your hair so be cautious in choosing the seller. It might cost you a little more but go for the best one.

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