Luxury Gaffs made with Chito Sante Fabric: Varied Sizes and Colors


Luxury Gaffs made with Chito Sante Fabric: Varied Sizes and Colors


Our luxury gaffs keep the boys tucked away while giving you a nice, flat front, and are made using our breathable, anti-bacterial Chito Sante fabric.

Our gaff is designed not only to be sexy and secure, but to ensure your comfort! Our gaffs are crafted using the highest quality fabrics and our new Chito Santeanti-bacterial treatment. And best of all, we can give you the lowest price anywhere because our gaffs are made exclusively for us!

Using only the highest quality fabrics available, we lined our gaffs with a soft and smooth panty lining that is not only comfortable, but hygienic thanks to our new anti-bacterial, odor resistant treatment. For better coverage and a more secure tuck, our gaff features a wider front. And for the ultimate feminine experience, our panty gaff is in a thong style to make you feel feminine and secure. The thong style not only is sexy, but it helps separate buttocks and leaves no panty line.

Chito Sante helps make our gaffs more absorbant, breathable, durable, fast drying, soft, static-free and easy to handle. In addition to these benefits, Chito Sante has natural and durable anti-bacterial properties. Chito Sante strongly inhibits the growth of bacteria, helping you feel fresh after for wearing our gaffs for hours on end! Chito Sante helps our gaffs stay fresh, hygienic and odor resistant.

Why We Recommend Our Luxury Gaffs

  • Absolutely the lowest prices available for high quality gaffs anywhere!
  • Made only with the highest quality fabrics
  • The anti-bacterial treatment is EPA Certified and helps make our gaffs more hygienic
  • Feminine thong cut is fun, flirty, and eliminates panty lines
  • Chito Sante treatment helps with moisture management and wicking, for all day comfort
  • Available in six fabulous colors to match to your every mood and outfit
  • Smooths your front area by keeping your privates private while giving you a feminine curve
  • Wider front for full coverage
  • Soft panty lining for comfort and cooling
  • Designed with you in mind, ensuring no discomfort in the crotch area while keeping everything tucked away secure
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