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DevaDave is one of the best Boutique in Calgary you've ever seen! Each and everyone can create unique stylish and looks. We provide one of the clothing Boutiques & Salon with modernistic items and unique products. Different collection of high fashion inexpensive wigs in Calgary. Also available wigs for cancer patients  to help them get their mojo back. We have shoes and boots for both men and women which can give more value to your feet. Shoes up to size 16 by Pleaser USA, Lingerie in all sizes by Dreamgirl, Prosthetic breast forms by Amolux, Adult Toys and Personal lubricants by Swiss Navy and Gun Oil. Other brands we carry are Doc Johnson, Maskulo Men's Fetish Wear, Wig America, Lit Cosmetics Eyeshadows and Orofluido Hair Care. Our Boutique is based in Calgary Canada and Hair Stylist located at Divinity Salon by DevaDave.

Divinity Salon by DevaDave

DevaDave has one of the best hair salon experiences in Calgary which dedicated to all who wants to live an extraordinary life or catch somebody's attention. We are here to satisfy the customer with excellent service and prices. By styling hair such care and attention that make the experience memorable. DevaDave is a fantastic salon where professional beauticians provide their best Services.

Wigs for Cancer Patients

We help people who are facing cancer treatment by providing wigs for them. They lose some or all of their hair as a result of chemotherapy. Choosing a wig isn't just like choosing another latest styles and trends, especially when you are choosing wigs for cancer patients. It might take some time for you to get comfortable in your new cancer wigs. But process of choosing the right wig for them is an highly complicated one. Make sure that the  wig is at least a shade lighter and feel like natural hair. We have stunning modern styled wigs that are super easy to take care of.

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